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Our hand artisanship process is at the center of what makes owning a BowensBergeron handbag truly special. In an age where technology has made hand artisanship obsolete, BowensBergeron is literally going “against the grain” by reviving an art form of years past. Through this process, it is our goal to create handbags that are as unique and refined as its owner.

Au Naturale:
Mother Nature has ensured us that no two pieces of wood are alike. Each handbag is unique in grain, texture, and color due to natural occurrences such as weather, knotting, and other natural events. Unlike man-made materials, the natural imperfection found in each handbag creates a unique, collectible, and visually stunning work of art. BowensBergeron handbags are truly a luxury to behold!

At BowensBergeron we respect and understand the importance of preserving our natural resources and the challenge of balancing our fragile eco-system. As such, we have ingrained several policies at the core of what we do:
“Less Means More” - we produce each design in limited editions to lessen our impact on the eco-system while in turn creating more value for our customers
“Let the Hunt Begin” - first and foremost we scour the US for recycled wood that is often left over from larger wood-based projects
“As a Buyer We’re Aware” - any wood products that we purchased come from managed forest to ensure the replanting of trees
“Waste Not Want Not” - we employ the use of veneers which employ a more efficient use of the tree, thus creating less waste